Fuel 10K Strawberry and White Chocolate Oat Cookie Review

November 25, 2018

I love cookies so when I received a little box of goodies from Fuel 10K, I was overjoyed to see that it was filled with their oat cookies. High in fibre, protein and low in sugar, this "breakfast" cookie (yes, cookies for breakfast!) seemed to be of similar nature to the golden syrup and berry Quaker breakfast bars I have tried before.

Each cookie is individually wrapped and in a case, you are given 12 cookies. At a little under 200 calories per cookie, these 50g treats are contain oats, white chocolate chips and even little strawberry chunks too. It is not a very big cookie but is quite chunky but ever so soft. Strawberry is not my favourite flavour but I was willing to give it a go.

Nutritional Information
I wouldn't eat this for breakfast personally but it is a little bit like a bar of porridge only nicer. As I mentioned, strawberry flavoured confectionary is not my go to but it was not an overwhelming flavour. It was definitely strawberry but not as over powering as I thought it would be. There was a hint of white chocolate but I loved those chocolate chips so much that I wish there were a few more throughout the cookie. The bit I didn't like were the strawberry chunks; I was not a fan of the taste nor the texture.

The texture of the cookie was delightful; soft and bendy like a cookie should be. It was chewy and just so delicious that I could have eaten the whole box. It was very moreish and I kept forgetting that it was oats and not a real cookie. The cookie also wasn't overly sweet; it was the perfect sweetness so if you were to eat it in the morning, you wouldn't be smacked with a sugar rush! It also wasn't overly sickly meaning finishing the cookie definitely was not a problem

A case is worth around £18 pounds which I think is quite a lot for a cookie but these are marketed as high protein cookies; the sort you would see advertised at a gym for instance. It may not be a regular purchase but definitely one you should make at least once.  Fuel 10K also have other great high protein products which you can find here

A closer look inside! Check out those chips and chunks!
Overall I really like this cookie and it is my favourite of the 2 (yes, I got 2 flavours! Eyes peeled, the other one will be reviewed shortly!) It was soft, oaty and truley a delicious, low sugar treat. I would recommend this goodie, especially for gym goers as I can see it giving you a great boost. Comment below if you have ever tried this cookie and what your thoughts on the strawberry bits were!?


Useful Info

This product was sent to me by Fuel 10K to review. All opinions are my own and they cannot be bought or bribed. This review is 100% honest and portray my genuine thoughts. 

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